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Gerry Bohan


Gerry Bohan is a 52 year old suckler farmer. He farms the same land that his family has worked for generations.

The education system back in the seventies and eighties not suitable for those with a wandering mind Gerry’s thoughts were always the far side of the rooms windows.

Trying their best keep him focused on his school work no amount of fist swings or ruler swipes ever managed to draw his mind into the classroom from the hills, bogs, rivers and lakes that it loved to wandered through. Settling only for stories told by elderly neighbours, he would sit with them for hours chatting about how life was in their day.

Gerry walked out of the classroom at the age of fifteen and got himself a job with a local cold store manufacturing company. Staying there for a few months his wandering mind took him over to England. On the buildings there for a few years, he packed his bags for America and after spending a term there working he went on to Australia and then New Zealand.

The hills bogs rivers and lakes of Leitrim never leaving his mind, no matter what window he ever looked out in any of the country he stayed in, home was always calling him. Returning home on the family farm at the age of thirty eight, along with his love of raising cattle, Gerry took to the pen and put to paper some of his life experiences. His interest in writing has brought him to read at local written word events. Gerry has also participated in collaborative projects with local artists.

Along with a Manorhamilton based international artist named Anna Macleod Gerry latest project involves the heritage, cures, traditions an folklore associated with the hawthorn tree.


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